Review: Super7’s Godzilla Shogun (1200°C) ReAction Figure

Shogun (1200°C)
Photo Credit: Mike Phalin

We wrote about Super7’s Godzilla Shogun (1200°C) ReAction Figure nearly a year ago. It was a variant of an earlier released toy paying homage to Mattel’s 1970s line of giant Japanese monsters and robots.

Regarding ReAction Figures, I prefer to wait until Super7 releases a version with some gimmick, whether it be glow-in-the-dark or translucent parts. The original figure didn’t do much for me, but the 1200°C was right up my alley!

However, ordering toys from the internet has never really been my thing. I prefer to find these unique toys in the wild because I’m an old-school collector. Luckily, Best Buy has started to stock (in stores) the things I usually write about. From First4Figures to NECA, and now Super7’s ReAction and Ultimates lines! That was a surprise.

Thankfully, Best Buy wasn’t selling these at a markup. The Godzilla figure is the same price here as it was on Super7’s site: $25. The same with the Ultimates. They’re still $55.

But was this specialty collectible Godzilla ReAction figure worth the premium price? That’s going to depend on how nostalgic you are for Shogun. Godzilla collectibles are easy to find these days and range from inexpensive toys to pricey statues. Few of these, however, tackle oddities Godzilla fans saw during the 1970s and early 1980s.

Since Super7 specializes in these types of items, heck, another variant of the Shogun figure is based on an old model kit, which we reviewed here. But, again, is even that worth $25?

No. Sadly. While I love how the figure looks and the attention to detail, especially the trim ring around the right hand. The original Shogun Godzilla featured a right-hand firing missile (a fissile? Fistlle?). Even though the detail is there, the ReAction Figure’s paw cannot be removed and certainly isn’t spring-loaded.

Aside from the five points of articulation, the only functionality is the flicking flame tongue. This play feature causes the figure to have a giant red plastic tab sticking out the back of his head. See the pictures below.

The figure does pop on a shelf, though. The bright yellow paint and translucent orange plastic parts are pretty eye-catching.

Unfortunately, the Shogun-inspired box doesn’t allow the figure to be displayed unless you put the inner box side by side with the outer box. Even if it did allow for better display possibilities, it’s hard to justify paying $25 for this figure.



  • 7/10
    Super7's Godzilla Shogun (1200°C) ReAction Figure - 7/10



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