Presto, Sheila, and Eric Join The Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Toyline!

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics action figures finally started showing up in stores over the Winter, and Hasbro Pulse has announced the next wave will be arriving this year!

The next wave of toys inspired by the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon is on the way. Presto, Sheila, and Eric round out the core cast of characters from the show. Hasbro Pulse is currently taking pre-orders for the figures, which should be shipping out around the beginning of August. So is there enough goodwill left after Hasbro’s OGL debacle for people to care?

Each character is $24.99 and, unfortunately, comes packaged in windowless boxes. Considering we’ve seen some issues with the G.I. Joe figures of late sporting terrible face sculpts and paint applications, how can collectors ensure that their expensive purchases aren’t subject to such production line mess-ups?

  • Eric, my personal favorite character from the show, has only one accessory: his cavalier shield. The glow effect is removable from the shield. He comes with a d10 and, of course, his signature smarmy look.
  • Shiela the Thief comes with a d6, hood, invisibility cloak, and partially translucent cloak. Sadly, she does not feature any other translucent accessories, but I expect Hasbro will release a 100% clear version of her sometime in the future.
  • Presto really lucks out with the accessories in this line. He has two magical effects parts, a d4, and interchangeable hair, allowing him to wear the pointy wizard cap.
Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse
Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse
Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse
Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse

As mentioned earlier, Hasbro’s quality control may be slipping regarding these more expensive figures. It’s easy to hide these problems when it comes to windowless boxes. However, since the G.I. Joe Classified figures are still traditionally packaged, we can see plain as day that things are getting sloppy:

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