Play Describing The Struggles Of Military Veterans Being Adapted For Streaming

‘Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret’ is a stage-play that captures the struggles military veterans face both on the battlefield and when they return to civilian life. It was written by retired Green Beret-turned-playwright Scott Mann, who wrote it based on his personal experiences he faced. The tour company he partnered with had to shut down to coronavirus concerns, so Mann is taking the play online, adapting for a streaming service.
Mann served in the US Army from 2001 to 2013, choosing to retire after achieving the rank of Lt. Colonel. Each act of the play is based on a different part of his military career.
“I found myself either in Afghanistan or getting ready to go back,” Mann said according to the Army Times.
After retiring, he became a civilian contractor, but said he had lost his sense of purpose from serving in the military. He also developed survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress.
He set about to write the play to help with his recovery, intending it to be a five-minute monologue before it evolved into its present formation. He soon realized he could use it as a message to his fellow veterans and their families that they are not alone.
“We need to understand the cost of modern war from the voice of the people who lived it,” Mann said. “There’s no end in sight to threats and war, but if we’re going to continue to send our men and women to fight, then we need to understand what we’re asking of them.”
The ‘Last Out’ four-person cast is made up entirely of veterans or members of a Gold Star family and has been seen in over fifty cities. After the pandemic lockdown made tours problematic, Mann decided to take the play to streaming as a film, hoping it will reach a wider audience.
Tour manager for “Last Out” Alliy Vetzel said, “The play itself was incredible, but the magic of film has allowed us to take it beyond the next level. With live theatre, you really don’t have time to do the things we were able to do in the film.”
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