More Boglins Are Coming Later This Year

The Boglins

Yes, Boglins are still in demand. It seems like there’s more of a need for them now than when the toyline first launched in 1987. I’m not complaining, as I think unique toys like these are great. While checking out the Big Bad Toy Store, I saw that a trio of new Boglins was listed for pre-order.
Coming during the third quarter of 2022, there are three new variants of the creepy critters on the way. Bat Boglins Vlad, Boglins King Sponk, and Bat Boglins Drak are priced at $39.99. Drak is the clear must-have out of the three. Each Boglin comes in a crate-like box that’s perfect for display. Typically a Boglin’s eyes are glow-in-the-dark, and sometimes other parts of their bodies also have this feature.

The Boglins
The Boglins
The Boglins
The price is what puts me off buying more of these guys. I picked up the jack-o-lantern-looking Dark Lord Blobkin at Walmart because he was discounted. Had he been priced at the standard $39.99, he’d probably still be sitting on the shelf.
The other thing I worry about when it comes to toys made of squishy material is decay. My original Boglin was the small, less expensive Squeel. These didn’t have the fancy eyes, essentially making them basic hand puppets. Unfortunately, he didn’t age too well. I remember finding him under my bed when I moved to go to college. He was a bit … gross. Maybe it was the Florida humidity or something else, but I hope these new Boglins can withstand time’s test.

The lack of dedicated toy stores like Toys R Us is hurting the chance for oddities like Boglins to reach a larger audience. That’s where I first encountered the toy line in the 1980s. Having the toys show up on a random endcap in a Walmart does a disservice to a unique item like Boglins.
Let us know what you think of Boglins in the comments section below.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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