Military Anime ‘Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 3’ English Dub Heading To HiDive

Part three of the 2017 military fiction anime TV special ‘Girls und Panzer das Finale’ is heading to the United States with HiDive picking it up for streaming. Not only do they plan on releasing it, but they are also going to release an English dub version with John Swasey working on it as the ADR director.

HiDive announced the cast list on their website:

  • Aya – Juliet Simmons
  • Ayumi – Savana Menzel
  • Azusa – Allison Sumrall
  • Caesar – Shannon Emerick
  • Cutlass – Alyssa Marek
  • Erwin – Luci Christian
  • Flint – Amber Lee Connors
  • Gomoyo – Shelley Calene-Black
  • Hana – Caitlyn French
  • Isobe – Genevieve Simmons
  • Kadotani – Chelsea McCurdy
  • Karina – Monica Rial

You can watch the trailer below:

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis as follows,

“The quarterfinal round of the Winter Continuous Track Cup is in full swing, and each school is going all out. What started as a furious back-and-forth firefight between Ooarai Girls Academy and Chi-Ha-Tan Academy has become a 12-hour jungle slugfest with neither team having the advantage and almost everyone running on fumes. In spite of this, Miho Nishizumi and her teammates continue to fight into the morning, hoping to land a decisive blow before their rivals.

Meanwhile, Kuromorimine Girls Academy—now led by Erika Itsumi—is struggling in its match against Pravda High School. Taking Maho Nishizumi’s words of advice to heart, Erika manages to break free of Kuromorimine’s rigid, traditional tactics and turn the tide in her favor. At the same time, St. Gloriana Girls College faces off against Anzio High School, while Saunders University High School has a tough fixture with underdog Continuation High School and its mysterious sharpshooter, Jouko.

With only four semifinal spots up for grabs, the members of each team must give their absolute best performance if they want to survive and successfully make it to the next round!”

The TV special was distributed by the Japanese production company Showgate, developed by Tokyo-based animation studio Actas, and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. strives to be an apolitical, balanced and based pop culture news outlet. However, our contributors are entitled to their individual opinions. Author opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of our video hosts, other site contributors, site editors, affiliates, sponsors or advertisers. This website contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. We disclaim products or services we have received for review purposes, as well as sponsored posts.

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