McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal Buckets May Be Returning!

Recently there have been rumors swirling on social media about the possible return of the McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal buckets. Given the extremely positive to response to the rumor, I hope it’s true.

Just a bit ago an image was released that is reported to be the actual buckets that are coming. Again, nothing is confirmed and they do say that it is US only and not Canada.

Can you feel that?! Spooky season is indeed in the air🥹

October 18th McDonald’s Halloween Pails will return.

-There are 3 designs 9 pails
-Only 1 will be in-store at a time
-The pail serves as both the toy and Happy Meal Box.

Once again I have to disclose..McDonald’s has not confirmed or denied this😅

This is going to be the wildest goose chase ever🤪

The rumor began when Nightmare Nostalgia said that they heard the beloved holiday Happy Meal buckets would return from October 18 – Halloween, October 31 after receiving word from alleged McDonalds employees that the iconic Halloween staple would return for the first time since 2016!

McDonald’s employees have chimed in revealing that there are INDEED plans that the fast-food giant is resurrecting the nostalgic Halloween Happy Meal starting on October 18th, 2022 and ending on the holiday itself October 31, 2022.”

The author also said that they were sent this image that shows the release on the McDonalds internal calendar:

These spooky Halloween buckets were originally released in 1986 as the three pumpkin styles: McBoo, McPunk’n and McGoblin. Later these would change to the Pumpkin, McBoo (Ghost) and McWitch (Witch.)

Actually Nightmare Nostalgia has a whole history on the buckets and loves them dearly (I respect that!)

So far this has not been officially confirmed by McDonalds. Hopefully it’s true!  Because social media is going nuts over the mere suggestion that it is coming back.

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