Matt Reeves Opens Up About Making An “Emotional” Batman Film

As Warner Media prepares to release ‘The Batman,’ director Matt Reeves described the inspiration behind the DC Comics adaption and how it became an “emotional” story at this year’s CinemaCon.
Reeves said in a featurette shown at the convention that Frank Miller’s ‘Batman: Year One’ was a huge inspiration for Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the Dark Knight.
“I felt that we’ve seen lots of origin stories. It seems things go further and further into fantasy, and I thought, well, one place we haven’t been is grounding it in the way that Year One does, to come right into a young Batman, not being an origin tale, but referring to his origins and shaking him to his core,” Reeves explained according to EW. “You can have it be very practical, but I also thought it could be the most emotional Batman movie ever made.”
Pattinson chimed in during the featurette where he said, “For some reason, Batman has always stood out as one of the major characters of the 20th century, and so many people connect with it on such a deep level for so many different reasons.”
‘The Lighthouse actor added, “From the first conversation I had with Matt about it, I just knew that there was something radically different.”
Check out the trailer that was released during the DC Fandome 2020:

Besides Pattison as Bruce Wayne, the movie also stars Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale) as Jim Gordon, Paul Dano (Prisoners) as the Riddler, Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) as Alfred Pennyworth, Zoë Kravitz (Gemini) as Catwoman.
‘The Batman’ has faced numerous delays in production first due to pandemic lockdowns while filming in London and then faced cast and crew testing positive for Covid-19. There have also been rumors of tension between director Reeves and Pattinson, though many in the industry have denied that there is any conflict.

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