‘Lovely Complex’ Localizer FIRED by Discotek?! Is This Anime Dub DOA?

The dub for ‘Lovely Complex’ has come under fire due to one of its localizers, a YouTuber named JelloApocalypse, loudly and proudly saying the series sucked and he was working to “improve” the dub by “fixing” what he thought was political incorrectness. And apparently, Discotek has fired him for it. Then we talk about the infamous dub for ‘Ghost Stories.’

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Additional Context:
The anime landscape is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to the dubbing and localization of beloved series for Western audiences. The latest whirlwind to hit the community centers around “Lovely Complex,” a rom-com anime that has charmed viewers with its quirky take on the dynamics of love and friendship. However, the series’ English dub adaptation has ignited a firestorm, thanks to the involvement and subsequent comments of a localizer known on YouTube as JelloApocalypse.

JelloApocalypse, a content creator with a significant following, took to the digital soapbox to express his dissatisfaction with “Lovely Complex,” going as far as to claim the series “sucked” and that he was on a mission to “improve” the dub by “fixing” elements he deemed politically incorrect. This bold, if not brazen, approach to localization—where subjective interpretation overshadows faithful adaptation—has sparked a heated debate within the anime community. Fans and critics alike are wrestling with questions about the boundaries of localization, the integrity of original content, and the responsibilities of those tasked with adapting cultural products for new audiences.

Discotek Media, the company behind the English dub of “Lovely Complex,” found itself in the eye of the storm, leading to the reported firing of JelloApocalypse. This move reflects the delicate balance companies must strike in maintaining the authenticity of source material while navigating the sensitivities of diverse audiences. It also underscores the potential consequences for localizers who prioritize personal agendas over professional integrity.

The controversy surrounding “Lovely Complex” inevitably draws parallels to the infamous dub of “Ghost Stories.” In the case of “Ghost Stories,” the localizers were given carte blanche to alter the script as long as they kept the basic plot intact, resulting in a dub that was wildly different in tone and content, filled with ad-libbed humor, pop culture references, and politically incorrect jokes. While some hailed it as a comedic masterpiece and a cult classic, others criticized it for straying too far from the original.

The situation with “Lovely Complex” raises important questions about the role of localization in the global spread of anime. It challenges the industry to find a balance between making content accessible and relatable to international audiences without sacrificing the essence that made these works resonate with their original viewers. As the dust settles on this particular controversy, the conversation it has sparked about cultural respect, artistic integrity, and the evolving nature of localization in the anime industry is likely to continue resonating for some time.

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