Look Unintentionally Horrifying With These Halloween Masks From Rubies

During my rounds of gathering news, I clicked on a link at the Big Bad Toy Store that took me to a section filled with masks from Rubies II. Apart from the typical Halloween fare, I started to notice some unintentionally horrifying masks. So, I thought I’d share them with you.
Need an idea of something terrifying to be for this Samhain? Look no further than this selection of masks based on non-horror related properties:

Rubies II
Are you ready for a Picard mask that is as empty as his new series? It is true that the Borg Collective does eradicate the need for an individual’s soul, but this took it to a whole new level. Locutus here is just a husk. Picard’s look from this TNG story is iconic, but something about a bald man with no eyes is extra creepy.
Rubies II
I’m no speed expert, but this mask looks like it would cause a substantial amount of drag. When did The Flash develop a caveman brow? And what’s with the giant bananas? Is that a new Speed Force thing? Does slipping on peels make you go even faster? Is … is this reallY Banana Man in disguise?
Rubies II
Whoa there, Wolvie! I … I think you need to go to the ER. Did you get lockjaw? Was there rust on your claws again? I’m glad Fox didn’t try to put Hugh Jackman in a comic-accurate mask. It looks great in the comics, it looks exceedingly stupid in real life.
Rubies II
Ah, I see that Florida is being represented by Rubies II. Here you can see a Florida Meth Head mask. How did the sculptors get it so accurate? Did someone from Rubies come to Lakeland and spend an extended amount of time in the trailer parks? Amazing detail.
Rubies II
Gizmo has seen some stuff, alright. There are only so many times that you can be casually abused by your human friend before the emotional toll leaves you with the thousand-yard stare. This mask also comes with a bottle of hard liquor and a bottle of anti-depressants.
Rubies II
While the googly eyes of the other Gizmo were unsettling, this one is far worse. Maybe it’s because Gizmo now has eyes inside his eyes? This … this is something a serial killer would wear, right?
Rubies II
I’m excited that the 900-year-old Christopher Lambert mask is finally available. The problem with winning the prize in Highlander is that you’ll eventually look like this after several centuries of bad cosmetic surgery. What? Do you think an immortal wants to look at the exact same face in the mirror year after year? Pish.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]
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