How To Create Your Own Anime Profile Picture. A Guide to Using Different Dimension Me. Including Red Hair & Beards!

Would you like to be the proud owner of your very own anime guy or girl? Well, now you too can be an anime Giga Chad or Stacy with only the quick click of a button. The hottest trend in anime-related social media right now is the use of a Chinese AI picture app owned by Tencent called Different Dimension Me (h. 异次元的我) or DDM, is a mobile app based on Stable Diffusion AI, where in users can take any picture -profile or not -and make it generate similar anime imagery. It’s that one-step-take-my-profile-pic-and-make-it-look-anime app that people have been craving for since as long as Weebos have been around.

So in this guide I will show you how to use the app safely and give tips & tricks in getting hard to nail down features with the app, like beards, and colored hair.

How to locate & use Different Dimension Me:

Using DDM is a quick breeze, all it requires is a secure mobile browser – I highly recommend using Brave and also consider a VPN- and some patience to iterate pictures til you get what you want.

1: Click this link & Tap the Orange window near the bottom of the page.

2: Tap the button again once the picture of the attractive lady shows up

4: Choose your picture

5: A loading screen featuring a penguin outline will play for around 30 seconds, then a video will appear.

6: Ignore the video, tap the purple window on the bottom left until it shows you your old picture on top of your new picture. Then tap Save Picture or Download Image depending on your phone.

Tips to Improve Your Picture to Get What You Want:

Different Dimension Me is excellent for getting a quick anime pic without learning Stability Diffusion, but it has some drawbacks. The photos tend to focus on more feminine features, on black or neon colored hair; but it does not play nice with red heads, beards, or multiple faces coming in at differnt at angles. However, with some patience and know-how, you can get DDM to produce the pics you want.

If you find an output you like, you can run it through the program again to get better results. Higher quality pics sometimes helps, but is optional. If you don’t like the result, I recommend you go through many different tries with the same picture, as each output will be unique.

As for nailing down harder features, like certain facial features like a beard, there is a fix for that. Think of DDM as looking for overly sized and prominent features, two big circles and a smaller circle beneath looks like a face to DDM even when it might someone’s leg or knee. For backgrounds it’s more the assortment of colors than shapes. And for bodies, a boldly defined body shape will do great. The trick is to exxagerate features so they appear on the generated picture.


To get a beard to appear,

  1. Take the photo you want to transform, and use
  2. Take the beard feature, and add a much too big beard, onto the face lined up with the face. See picture below.
  3. Now feed the new photo into DDM until you get the desired results. Sometimes the beard will appear as a neck tie or be too long, but keep working at it and you should get a positive result. You can re-edit as necessary.

Red & Other Colored Hair:

To get Red Hair or other hard to tackle hair shades,

  1. Choose a hair color changer app, I use Haircolor Changer Real, but almost any hair color app will do.
  2. Choose your picture, and pick a very bright and deep shade of whatever color you are hoping for. In this case I choose brick farmhouse hair
  3. Color over the picture’s hair, it’s okay if it’s messy, and download the new photo.
  4. Feed the photo to DDM until you get the results you want. Go back and edit as need be.
  5. Alternatively, if you have a DDM output you like but with the wrong colored hair you can recolor it and feed it back in, or keep it that way.


And that’s it, pretty simple overall.

If you wish to get more advanced and only like some features of one output while different features of another, you can combine the parts you like with photo editing software and feed it back into DDM; but this step is mainly unnecessary for most folks who want a quick anime profile pic.

Don’t stop at just a profile pic, many users are finding that just about any picture to some degree can be Anime-fied, so spend an afternoon and play around to see what you can create.

Now go out there and show your true inner Otaku for all the world.

The Final Result,

Bonus Thank You to Lofti Pixels for helping provide Art Assets for this guide

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