High On Life: High On Knife DLC Gets a Release Date

Image Credit: Squanch Games

High On Life‘s “mini-sequel” High On Knife has a new announcement trailer. The stop motion release date teaser doesn’t give us much insight into what we can expect from the DLC, but we know the expansion will arrive on October 3rd. It will be playable on PlayStation, XBOX, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

The game’s Steam page gives us much more info:

“It’s been 2 years since the Bounty Hunter defeated the G3 cartel. Now Knifey needs help tracking down a mysterious package from his homeworld. Will they get mixed up with a friendly giant, a pinball gun, poaching rings, and a terrifying intergalactic shipping company? Yeah. Sure.

High On Knife will feature new characters, probably in the form of new Gatlians (the weapons).

High On Knife has “features.” Yup. The descriptions are written in the same style as the game’s dialog. So … get ready:

    • Hunt an entirely new bounty on a new adventure that’s basically a mini-sequel to the main game. You don’t have to play the main game first but it wouldn’t hurt. It works either way.
    • Hack and blast your way through the depths of an ominous shipping warehouse as you search for a mysterious package that holds the key to Knifey’s origins…or die trying! Or do both! Knock yourself out.
    • Engage in rapid-fire, acrobatic, bullet hell-infused combat with one of the galaxy’s most craven CEOs. Doesn’t that sound fun? The CEO is more interesting to fight than you think. I promise.
    • Explore a planet full of dying slugs. Not sure if that’s a selling point but it’s one of the main things in the DLC so we have to put it on here. Look, you’re gonna talk to a bunch of slugs.
    • Okay, you’re not going to believe this but we’ve got two – count ’em! – TWO brand new deadly talking guns who are as quick to crack wise as they are to blow a hole through alien flesh.
    • New characters voiced by Sarah Sherman, Gabourey Sidibe, Ken Marino and more plus all your returning favorites like Michael Cusack, JB Smoove, Tim Robinson, Betsy Sodaro, and Andy Daly.

Considering Justin Roiland resigned from Squanch Games in January, I wonder if the DLC will even feature his often annoying, rambling improv dialog. Kenny, one of the characters voiced by Roiland, does not appear in the new game’s press material. So, that may be our answer.

If you missed High On Life late last year, you didn’t miss much. It’s great if you’re a Rick and Morty fan, but if the game contains an option to turn down the chatter, you know it’s targeting a specific audience.

The most interesting thing about High On Life was the fact that I could watch Demon Wind, complete with a Red Letter Media commentary track. Yes. The thing that caught my attention the longest in this FPS was something imported from an entirely different medium.

[Source: Squanch Games]
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