Head Back To The Future With The New Flux Capacitor Replica!

Factory Entertainment has more high-end prop replicas coming to the market. This time it’s the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future. Doc Brown’s invention that makes time travel possible will cost you, though. $1,199.99.

Unfortunately, FE doesn’t provide a video of the Flux Capacitor in action. Why is this important? Because the last 1:1 replica we saw was from Diamond Select. It was priced at a couple of hundred dollars (far more now if you can find one), and it wasn’t screen-accurate in the least.

The DS version was the wrong color, and the LED lighting effects strobe instead of being in sequence. VideoBob covered this a few years ago.

It’s also worth noting that the FE version currently available for pre-order looks like a much darker-colored enclosure than the actual prop. Odd considering one of the selling points is how accurate this thing is supposed to be:

The Factory Entertainment team studied high resolution film footage from the series, scoured every available printed resource, and consulted with the foremost experts on the prop to create a 1:1 scale replica that is truly accurate. It features screen-accurate lights and sounds, as well as remote-controlled AC or battery operation for maximum display flexibility.

Thankfully, MCE captured footage of the Flux Capacitor in action at this year’s SDCC. Is it worth $1,199.99?

For an extra $300, you can get the Signature Edition of the famous prop signed by Christopher Lloyd. Only 300 of this version will be available, and they’ll ship in “early 2024.”

Sticker shock? Yeah. There are replicas elsewhere that are far less expensive. Nothing about the Flux Capacitor besides the enclosure should cost you more than a couple hundred dollars. Check Etsy if you want one on a budget.

[Source: Factory Entertainment] [Source: Factory Entertainment]

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