Hasbro To Re-Release Transformers’ Omega Supreme … Kinda

I have some good news if you missed out on Hasbro’s Omega Supreme figure from a few years ago. The Legacy Generations Select line is re-releasing the giant Autobot with a new name and color scheme.

We spotted the giant blue bot over at the Big Bad Toy Store for $199.99. Cast from the same molds as the War for Cybertron Omega Supreme, the “Guardian Robot” is your next best chance to get the 24″ tall titan Transformer. Unfortunately, it looks like very little has changed between Omega and Guardian. The small chest plate may be slightly different, but everything else appears to be just a palette swap.

The new paint job pays homage to the Guardian, who appeared in the second season of the G1 series. This time, however, the Guardian has his head. Guardian stands 24″ tall in robot mode but transforms into a colossal base/missile/roadway system.

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Photo Credit: Hasbro
Photo Credit: Hasbro
Photo Credit: Hasbro
Photo Credit: Hasbro
Photo Credit: Hasbro
Photo Credit: Hasbro

Check out the videos below of the classic Omega Supreme and the Titan Series version:

During Transformers’ early days in the 1980s, only the rich kids got the original Omega Supreme. Since I was from a redneck town, that meant only one boy in a twenty-mile radius had it. But I won’t lie; the whole thing was incredible. Not U.S.S. FLAGG cool, but still.

Omega Supreme came out during the era when big toys were becoming the norm. It was the time of the Ghostbusters firehouse and the MASK base. It was a struggle to convince your parents that you totally had room for another massive action figure or base in your room.

What were some of your favorite large-scale Transformer figures? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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