‘Halloween Kills’ Set Photo Hints At Flashback Sequence

Ryan Freimann | Instagram

I’m glad that ‘Halloween’ got a reboot. Sure, that means some of the more quirky parts of the series are no longer canon. At the same time, it also invalidated ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ and Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ films. It also brought back Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode in a meaningful way.
Now, if you haven’t seen 2018’s ‘Halloween,’ we’re going to spoil things. It looked like the seemingly unstoppable Michael Myers had met a fiery end at the end of that film. He was trapped in a basement and set on fire with no apparent way of escape. However, if horror tropes have taught us anything, it’s that no good boogeyman stays “dead” long.
Of course, he was going to return! You can’t have ‘Halloween’ without Myers. Well, you could, but you’re never going to get something as awesome as Tom Atkins in ‘Halloween III’ ever again. Ain’t gonna happen. Nope. Never.
We Got This Covered napped an image from the set of the upcoming sequel. The producer of ‘Halloween Kills,’ Ryan Freimann, posted a picture on Instagram that is interesting. A pair of vintage vehicles, one an ambulance, another a wagon similar to the one driven by Dr. Loomis in the original 1978 ‘Halloween.’

Ryan Freimann | Instagram
I’m going to make a definitive statement that these two props are part of a flashback sequence. I couldn’t see any town, even Haddonfield, using such old automobiles. Both props look like they’re in pristine condition, too.
Does this mean that Loomis will make some appearance? Digi-Loomis? So far, the cast doesn’t list an actor playing the role. This may all focus on stuff that happened between Michael’s escape and before he nabbed that now-famous mask. I’d still like to know where and when he learned how to drive a car. He was incarcerated as a kid, after all.
‘Halloween Kills’ will hit on October 15th, 2021. The film is directed by David Gordon Green and stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Anthony Michael Hall.
What are your theories about the vehicles? Flashback? Will we see a digital Dr. Loomis? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: We Got This Covered]

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