Anime Comedy ‘Cromartie High School’ Gets A Blu-Ray Announcement

Discotek Media is bringing the surreal anime comedy series ‘Cromartie High School’ to North American audiences on Blu-ray. The box set includes all twenty-six episodes as well as both the original Japanese and the English dub from ADV Films. The DVDs have a planned release date of August 29, 2023, but are available for pre-order on the Right Stuf Anime website.

Based on a parody manga by creator Eiji Nonaka, it was released between 2000 to 2006 by Kodansha locally and released in the United States by the now defunct ADV Manga.

Discotek released an image of the Blu-ray box set:

Steven Foster worked on the project as ADR Director and as a producer.

The English voice cast included:

  • Ben Pronsky as Takashi Kamiyama
  • Andy McAvin as Akira Maeda
  • George Manley as Masked Takenouchi
  • Illich Guardiola as Shinjiro Hayashida
  • James Faulkner as Noboru Yamaguchi
  • Jason Douglas as Takeshi Hokuto
  • Jay Hickman as Shinichi Mechazawa
  • John Gremillion as Yutaka Takenouchi
  • Adam Conlon as Tabata

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis as follows,

“Takashi Kamiyama is your typical mild-mannered high school student—polite, aloof, and pacifistic, with a slightly above-average IQ. But would your average high school student really enroll himself at the infamous Cromartie High School, known as a breeding ground for the toughest delinquents out there?

Apparently so, as that is exactly what Takashi does, though for reasons he’d rather leave unmentioned. However, one thing is for sure: the “hard-boiled rabbit in a den full of hungry lions” is never going to have another dull day. And how could he, now that he’s surrounded by mohawked punks, obnoxious robots, and… gorillas? And was that Freddie Mercury riding a horse down the corridor? Follow Takashi as he earnestly dedicates his new high school life to better his school’s reputation while his classmates are hellbent on wreaking havoc.”

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