Grogu, Luke Skywalker, and R2-D2 Join Iron Studios’ Art Scale Line

It may say a lot about the state of Star Wars under Disney’s leadership that a brief cameo by a deepfake Luke Skywalker was more genuine to the character than Mark Hamil’s performance in The Last Jedi. Luke’s battle at the end of The Mandalorian Season 2 was jingling all the right keys.
To celebrate this brief but oh-so-welcome bit of nostalgia bait, Iron Studios has created two new statues. One Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker holding Grogu (Baby Yoda / Lil’ Smackums), and the other is … R2D2. OK, Artoo rarely ever changes in appearance. So, if you already have a 1/10th scale droid, you can stand it alongside Luke, and no one would know the difference.
The Luke/Grogu statue is $159.99, while Artoo is $99.99. The bases upon which the characters stand can be pushed together to form a single unit. R2-D2 stands at 5.1″ tall, while Luke towers over the droid at 8.2″ in height. Iron Studios has yet to announce a release date, but pre-orders are now open for both.

Iron Studios
Iron Studios

Bringing on his right arm a Force-sensitive child called Grogu, a native of the same species as his old master Yoda, and just like him, has a strong connection to the power of the Force, the Jedi Master, wearing a cloak and black costume, contemplates with tranquility and wisdom, after answering to the small being call, that now must follow the apprentice path with his new guardian and master. One of the most exciting scenes of the last episode of the 2nd Season of “The Mandalorian” series in the Disney+ streaming service, is masterfully presented in the statue “Luke Skywalker and Grogu – The Mandalorian – Art Scale 1/10” by Iron Studios.

Iron Studios
Iron Studios

He traveled many planets, navigated in space by countless spaceships, met different cultures and civilizations, interacted with several generations, played a critical and vital role while aiding his allies, witnessed the birth and fall of worlds in a galactic saga, and prevailed always present even with his small size and limited strength, becoming one of the most prominent characters of his universe. Carefully replicated to the smallest details of his structure, Iron Studios proudly bring the statue “R2-D2 – The Mandalorian – Art Scale 1/10” with the iconic Astromech robot droid, Luke Skywalker’s friend.

Is it me, or does Luke look a little off? Maybe it’s just the lighting, but he looks like Ron Pearlman. What do you think?
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