Give Her The Gift Of Frankenstein’s Monster & His Bride!

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If there’s one thing I think of when it comes to St. Valentine’s Day and love is this quote from The Bride of Frankenstein, “We belong dead!”

Super7 knows it’s hard for horror fans to find genre-specific items themed toward the lovey-dovey holiday. Everything is cute, cheerful, and not at all dark and gloomy. Now you can give your loved one the gift of a ReAction Monster and his Bride this February 14th!

Not only does the doomed duo come in a heart-shaped box, but the figures are also colored white and pink. The best part is that the pink parts of their outfits glow in the dark! The Valentine’s Day Heart Box two-pack is $45 and is currently available to ship!

Photo Credit: Super7
Photo Credit: Super7
Photo Credit: Super7
Photo Credit: Super7
Photo Credit: Super7

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any Monster Maniac! The Valentine’s Day Universal Monsters ReAction Figures 2-Pack features Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride of Frankenstein in glow-in-the-dark pink, packaged on a plastic insert inside a heart-shaped box. What better way to celebrate than by giving your Valentine the gift of Universal Monsters ReAction Figures (although you should probably still get the chocolates, too)!

I totally get what Super7 is going for by making a ReAction-themed Valentine’s day set with Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride. In passing, it’s a cute way to celebrate the holiday with your horror-fan loved ones. However, if you’re familiar with the classic Universal Monster movie, you know that the tale of the creature and his mate does not end well.

It’s not even romantically tragic. The newly created Bride spurns the creature’s advances, hissing at him. The rejection causes the creature to declare that he, his mate, and the man who helped bring her to life should return to ash.

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