The Shortage of PS5 Consoles To Last Into 2023, Sony Expects

The PS5 launched in 2020 and has remained elusive since day one. Target refused to put the stock on shelves, allowing online ordering only. In addition, GameStop would typically bundle the consoles with various games and peripherals to dissuade scalpers from buying up the entire supply. Regardless, finding a disc-based or digital-only PS5 was and still is challenging.
A story we saw over at Ars Technica points to another dire year for Sony fans who want to pick up either version of the newest PlayStation console. During an earnings report, Sony’s CFO/Executive Deputy President Hiroki Totoki forecasted more doom and gloom regarding the supply of PS5s meeting the demand.
Totoki admitted that even though production through March 2023 was expected to increase 60% over the previous fiscal year, Sony is “still short somewhat.” The company is expected to manufacture 18 million new PS5s this fiscal year, but that’s worldwide, not for the US alone.
The chip shortage isn’t affecting Sony alone. Many of the tech companies I deal with have cited the supply chain issue with significant delays in everything from CCTV cameras to basic security and life safety systems. These delays have pushed back shipment times to almost 50 weeks instead of the typical 2 to 3.
Although it’s a pain, the PS5 is not impossible to get. No, we’re not talking about dealing with scalpers. Last year we outlined the best ways to get a Playstation 5. It will take some effort on your part, mainly in the form of paying close attention to particular Twitter feeds and a lot of webpage refreshing. Personally, I’ve managed to snag the console multiple times for friends and family because there was no way I was going to let them pay scalpers $800-$1,000+ for a console.
What do you think of Sony’s prediction? With XBOX Series X and Series S consoles showing up on store shelves this year, is it possible that Sony may be overstating the production issues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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