Fresh Monkey Fiction’s Longbox Heroes Pits The Tick VS Barry!

Fresh Monkey Fiction

It’s The Tick VS the former Tick (and former Cheese Wizard) Barry!

The Tick Barry in the NEC comics was a wealthy man with a superhero obsession. He’d use his money to either buy out or challenge other heroes for their identities. Before The Tick arrived in The City, Barry used the name and didn’t take too kindly to the Big Blue Bafoon treading on his turf.

The Longbox Heroes figures are based on the classic Kenner Super Powers. Both Ticks have the same body, with seven points of articulation; the only difference is the paint job and heads. Fresh Monkey Fiction is creating a considerable number of figures based on comic book heroes we rarely see in toy form. Check out our previous article for the other figures that should be arriving next year. The figures are said to be 5″ tall, but in the mockups I’ve seen, the Tick appears to be slightly taller than other figures in the Longbox Heroes Collection. I guess we’ll find out for sure next year.

Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction

Barry appeared in the seventh episode of the first season of The Tick’s FOX cartoon. Sadly, the character did not show up in either live-action adaptation.

OK, to be that guy, Tick wasn’t in disguise when he faced Barry. The disguise was from a much earlier issue when Tick took a very short-lived job at a newspaper and drew the ire of yet another superhero, the Caped Wonder. Clark Oppenheimer’s secret identity is almost exposed when Tick starts working alongside him at the Weekly World Planet. The clash eventually ends with them both being hit by a subway train. Hopefully, Oppenheimer will show up in the Longbox Heroes series ultimately.

What do you think of these two new figures? Let us know below.

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]
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