Feds Give SpaceX Greenlight To Offer Starlink Internet For Vehicles


Starlink is SpaceX’s solution to getting high-speed internet service to rural areas. The satellite-based system was designed for homes and stationary RVs. However, the coverage capabilities of the service are about to change thanks to the FCC.
According to Ars Technica, the FCC has given SpaceX and Kepler Communications the green light to expand service vehicles in motion. The initial approval is only for water-based transport but will eventually move to in-motion land vehicles. As of right now, SpaceX can only offer internet services to homes and stationary RVs.
The most significant player in this is Kepler Communications, and all plans moving forward may entirely depend on the company’s network of technology in orbit. According to its official website, Kepler offers “a nexus of constellations, ground stations, payload technology, and communication solutions to amplify access to on-orbit data by bringing the internet to space.” It is unclear if Kepler will be working with other companies to provide mobile broadband options at this point.
The other issue regarding which spectrum brands the companies can use has arisen. Apparently, the Dish network wants to move into the cellular space by using the same 12 GHz band that other satellite services do. SpaceX is concerned that having a cellular network on the spectrum bands will render its service useless. However, the FCC has stated that it won’t limit what types of services can be used on that band, thus telling SpaceX that it will have to deal with potential interference.
Now, broadband via satellite isn’t new. However, from what I’ve experienced, it is not great. I’d compare it to DSL on a good day; a passing cloud could take you offline. If you’re wondering if Starlink could be the solution for you, check out this unboxing and testing video from Wranglerstar:

Would you try SpaceX’s internet service? Let us know below.
[Source: Ars Technica]

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