Fans Dub The 1986 Super Mario Bros. Anime In English!

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Decades ago, an anime based on the adventures of two Italian plumbers in the Mushroom Kingdom hit screens in Japan. Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!) was released in 1986, but for whatever reason, was not imported to the United States. Odd for sure, since we were getting all sorts of weird dubs of existing shows during that time.

Subtitled versions of the anime are easy to find, but not so much for a full English dub. But, according to ScreenRant, that’s about to change because The Super Mario Bros. Super Radio Show tweeted a preview of an upcoming fandub of the film!

It is not a direct translation of the anime. So, expect some liberties to be taken with the dialog. Also, be warned that the sound mixing is a little rough. I’m not sure if this is what we’ll get in the final version of the fandub, but make sure your volume is turned down a bit before clicking on the Tweet’s video.

The film follows Mario and Luigi as they first encounter King Koopa and rescue Princess Peach. Honestly, it’s an entertaining film that certainly shows its age in ways that would have easily offended busybodies shouting at Nintendo on Twitter today.

If you’re a stickler for the original dubb, a “restored” 1080p version of the VHS release has been floating around YouTube for years. The optional English subtitles are excellent, but these plumbers should be assaulting our ears with proper New York accents.


The film featured new music alongside the classic tunes originated by Koji Kondo. SMB was directed by Masami Hata, who also helmed Little Nemo, Jetter Mars, and four episodes of Initial D: First Stage. The script was written by Hideo Takayashiki, who also penned four episodes of Lupin the 3rd.

Have you watched Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: ScreenRant]

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