Fans Donate to Keep Studio Ghibli Museum Running

Japan has been going through a bit of a tough time keeping things running as usual with the pandemic going throughout the country, putting certain businesses at risk of closure.

Studio Ghibli Museum has become one of those places that has faced the danger of being shut down. The museum was personally designed by Hayao Myazaki, who often visiting the cafe they have there. They would sometimes showcase exclusive short films in its theater and a visit is much like stepping into a blended universe of Studio Ghibli’s classic films.

The city of Mitaka, where the museum is located, announced a “Furusato Tax” online crowdfunding fund to support the Studio Ghibli Museum which has taken a hard hit during the pandemic.

A Furusato Tax is a donatable tax many Japanese people who moved away to different cities use to support their hometowns from far away, usually with a local delicacy given in return as a thank you gift. In this case, Mitaka is taking all Furusato Taxes donated and sending them to The Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation, who operate the museum. The fund goal was set to 10,000,000 yen (about $90,872 USD).

Fans have really shown how much they appreciate the museum by far exceeding funding for the initial goal amount. As of July 16th, they have raised 13,284,564 yen (about 120,595.00), sitting at a comfortable 118% with plenty of time still remaining. Everyone who donated will receive a thank-you card.

It’s a very cool thing to see a supporting community of fans coming together to help a struggling company that has given so much to the animated world full of imagination and wonder.

Source: Otakuusamagazine, grape

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