SpongeBob’s Jay Lender Apologizes After Targeting Animator Eagan Tilghman

Image Credit: Eagan Tilghman

Just a few days ago, we wrote about Eagan Tilghman, an animator being targeted by Hollywood for not hiring voice actors for his small fan project. The backlash was swift, and it has finally come to a head.

The animator issued a statement calling for the Twitter mob to lay off Jay Lender. Tilghman was the only one out of the entire fiasco to act like an adult. Where the SpongeBob SquarePants director and voice actress Grey DeLisle failed, Tilghman prevailed.

Lender admits he was wrong to use Tilghman’s work as a springboard for his fight against AI and parody laws. He also recognizes that tagging other Hollywood actors in his initial post was a mistake. I also wonder why he tried to involve Mindy Kaling and Grey DeLisle, considering neither actor voiced characters during the original 1969 Scooby-Doo series.

In case Lender decided to delete his tweet again:

Image Credit: Twitter

Lender’s initial post drew all eyes to his and Grey Griffin’s misplaced anger. We screen-captured the tweets because I knew that this take was going to get pulled down:

Credit: Twitter

In other good news, several VO artists have come out and pledged to help Tilghman redub Scooby Doo, Where Are You? In… SPRINGTRAPPED!

All of the drama was started because of this well-made indie project. It had no studio affiliation and was just a show of Eagan Tilghman’s skill. The scorn he received for using AI voices in a fan project was beyond sad. Hopefully, the level of support and exposure the artist got over this will make up for the stress the overzealous Hollywood gatekeepers poured on this talented creator.

I am beyond happy that this has resolved itself, even if there are randos on Twitter trying to chastise the animator. However, Eagan Tilghman is the way to a much brighter future than those trying to bring the Blender animator down over a tempest in a teacup.

[Source: Twitter]
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