Epic Games Gets A $1B Infusion Thanks To LEGO and Sony

Epic Games wants to create a metaverse of its own, and the company just got a massive cash infusion thanks to two major businesses. Both Sony and Kirkbi (LEGO) dropped a total of $1 billion into the gaming company responsible for Fortnite and the Unreal Engine.
We saw this story over at PC Mag. It would appear that Kirkbi and Sony want to get a jumpstart on what may be the next big thing in gaming. The term metaverse is a bit nebulous as it can fluctuate from medium to medium. So, what are these two companies looking to accomplish in a digital space?
It is unclear what types of media and experiences the three are looking to create. However, Kirkbi’s CEO, Søren Thorup Sørensen, issued a vague statement about the investment’s purpose as a step to “accelerate our engagement in the world of digital play.”
VR LEGO building with friends? Yes, please!
Meanwhile, Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony Group Corporation’s top man, was a little more transparent with the intent of the investment. He said that this influx of cash into Epic Games would “deepen our relationship in the metaverse field, a space where creators and users share their time.”

So, the metaverse is a new buzzword similar to the whole “Web 2.0” bull we kept hearing about back in the late 2000s. While “metaverse” is commonly associated with Facebook’s new VR space, it is also a general term. In the case of the LEGO, EPIC, and Sony collaboration, it could mean a massive VR gaming space. This could be an excellent idea, especially if it means we get a Fortnite-styled shooter in the world of LEGO.
In reality, though, it will all boil down to Sony and LEGO using the newest Epic Engine to power online games that can use the “metaverse” as a marketing gimmick. It’s par for the course, but I hope these companies take a chance with the technology and try to give us new experiences rather than technobabble.
What do you think about the evolution of gaming? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: PC MAG]

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