Do You Abide By This Action Figure of The Dude?

Oh, what’s that? So the Big Lebowski was released in theatres 23 years ago? Huh. Ya don’t say. Well, it feels like only yesterday that we kept sneaking in to watch it. Since it was released in January, my friends and I had not yet turned 18.
This was at a time when theatres actually cared if minors got into ‘R’ rated films. I saw a half of a theatre ejected from American Pie when the manager and ushers came in to check IDs. I wouldn’t want someone seeing a booby or hearing a dirty word now…
More than two decades on, The Big Lebowski is a well-loved film with its own events and a massive, dedicated following. Over the years, there have been a few action figures of The Dude or Walter here and there. Nothing I’d consider on the same level as a Sideshow or Hot Toys piece of art, though.
We shall wait no longer, as that very same company will at some point in the future deliver The Dude to us in glorious Jeff Bridges detail.

Sideshow only gave us a teaser. However, we were able to find more pictures of The Dude over at
The Dude is not an accessory heavy figure. I know this is a step away from what we’re used to seeing with Sideshow 1/6th scale releases, but The Dude wasn’t about all that stuff, man.
He’s a simple guy and will get by with just the following items:

  • Four White Russians.
  • One pair of sunglasses.
  • A pair of clear sandals.
  • A base with a nice carpet pattern.

The Big Lebowski line of figures also features a few do-it-yourself characters too. If you want to add Donny to your collection, get some ashes and an old coffee tin. For The Toe … well, I can get you a toe.
No price or release date has been announced yet. You can, however, head over to Sideshow and RSVP The Dude now.

What other characters from the classic Coen Brothers film would you like to see on a 1/6th scale? The real Big Lebowski? Brent? Spine not included with that one. A trio of nihilists? Let us know in the comments.
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