Disney Takes a Small Business to the Cleaners!

Disney is suing a car wash called “Star Wash” over copyright infringement. In Chile. The car wash is going all-in on the Star Wars theming… right down to the costumes. So does Disney have a case here or is it overkill?

The lawsuit between Disney’s Lucasfilm and the Chilean car wash “Star Wash” has indeed stirred quite a discussion in the realm of copyright infringement. Here’s the scoop: Lucasfilm is suing Star Wash, located in Santiago, Chile, over its “Star Wars”-themed branding and décor. The car wash, known for its attendants dressed as iconic characters like Darth Vader and Chewbacca, is under scrutiny for its use of the “Star Wars” theme, including a name and font style that are reminiscent of the famous franchise.

The crux of Lucasfilm’s lawsuit is not the dressing up of attendants as “Star Wars” characters, but rather the use of the name “Star Wash”. The company argues that this could lead to confusion, suggesting an affiliation with Lucasfilm, which they want to prevent. The owner of Star Wash, Matias Jara, was in the midst of registering the brand with the Chilean patent authority INAPI when he was hit with the lawsuit. Jara’s defense is that “Star Wash” is distinct enough from “Star Wars” to avoid confusion and that Lucasfilm’s copyright doesn’t extend to car cleaning services.

This legal battle is significant for small businesses using themes from popular culture, highlighting the delicate balance between creative inspiration and copyright infringement. Jara himself has expressed concern over the impact of the lawsuit on his business, citing unplanned legal expenses. His inspiration for the name came from his young daughter during a family trip to a Disney theme park.

This case is part of a broader narrative of copyright issues involving major corporations like Disney. Interestingly, Disney itself was recently fined for copyright infringement related to its use of CG technology in the live-action “Beauty and the Beast”.

In essence, while Lucasfilm’s action against Star Wash may seem like an overreach to some, it underscores the protective stance big corporations often take regarding their intellectual property, even when it involves small businesses in distant countries. The outcome of this lawsuit could set a precedent for similar cases in the future

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