Discotek Media To Release Mystery-Comedy Anime ‘Sherlock Hound’ On Blu-Ray

The steampunk mystery comedy ‘Sherlock Hound’ is getting a new Blu-ray release from Discotek Media. The box set will include all unabridged twenty-six episodes of the 1984 anime as well as some extra features. The original English dub pilot will be included as well as both the English and Japanese versions of the show.

It will also include Openings and Endings, Trailers, Previews, Liner Notes, and Art Gallery.

They also revealed the box art for the DVD release:

It has a planned release date of November 29th, 2022.

Ghibli Wiki said of the series, “The series was a joint project between Japan’s Tokyo Movie Shinsha and the Italian public broadcasting corporation RAI and its production arm REVER. It came at a time when Tokyo Movie Shinsha was having difficulty producing a TV series for the domestic Japanese market, and were trying to find ways create content for the overseas market. They tried to recoup production cost by selling the rights to Holmes to the three major networks in the United States. Telecom Animation became in charge of animation production.”

Right Stuf Anime describes the synopsis as follows,

“Professor Moriarty’s devious criminal mind can overcome any challenge, be it counterfeiting coins or swiping precious gems… except when Sherlock Hound is on the case! Together with Doctor Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and Inspector Lestrade, Hound must sniff out Moriarty’s schemes while facing down steam engines and other strange inventions. How will they crack the case? Elementary, my dear viewer! They’ll just have to rely on Hound’s deductive reasoning and a little bit of luck to get them through everything the Professor throws at them! Acclaimed writer-director Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke) along with seasoned pro Kyosuke Mikuriya (LUPIN THE 3rd, Ulysses 31) bring a world of dogs and detectives to life with unique vision and meticulous quality. Colorful, heartwarming, and fun, this timeless classic is a doggone good time for anyone, young or old! The game is afoot!”

‘Sherlock Hound’ was directed by Kyosuke Mikuriya and Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki, who also heavily influenced the animation style.

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