Grumpy Cat Has Died. The Internet Mourns.

Grumpy Cat Has Died

The internet is an even sadder place to be now. Grumpy Cat has passed away at the age of 7.

The family of dear Grumpy Cat broke the news on Twitter yesterday.

The perpetually pissed off pussy accomplished more in her 7 short years than most humans, according to CNN. She was not only one of the biggest memes in internet history, but also an author, an award winner, a socialite, a fashionista and a movie star.

(Okay, okay. Maybe we don’t want to remember Grumpy Cat for the Lifetime movie.)

The Internet Mourns Grumpy Cat

While the internet is fiercely divided these days, everyone seemed to agree that the world is a worse place without Grumpy Cat. Even major mainstream media outlets mourned her passing.

And my personal favorite…

Of course, here’s The Onion’s hot take.

The secret origin of Grumpy Cat?

According to Mental Floss, Grumpy was born on April 4, 2012 in Morristown, Arizona.
Grumpy’s unique look comes from feline dwarfism and an underbite. She became an internet sensation when the owners posted a photo of her on Reddit in September 2012.

Grumpy has a brother named Pokey. “He’s black and white, but he does have dwarfism, so he’s super short and cute too,” owner Tabatha said. “His face isn’t as frowny as hers, but he does have an underbite.”

Grumpy Cat’s actual name was Tarder Sauce — not Tartar Sauce. She was apparently called “Tard” for short.

The unofficial theory is that she was originally named “Tard” because, well, reasons. But once she got famous, the owners needed to come up with a (somewhat) plausible reason for calling her that.

The official story is that she was given that name because of Grumpy’s original orangeish coloring and that the owner was working at Red Lobster at the time. (Even the New Yorker seems pretty skeptical. Heh.)

She’ll always be “Grumpy Cat” to most of the world, and she’ll be missed.

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