Director Colin Trevorrow Explains Why The T-Rex Has Feathers In ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’

Screenshot: Jurassic World Dominion The Prologue

Eagle-eyed viewers of the recently released five-minute prologue to ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ noticed something peculiar about the dinosaurs featured in the video. Several of the dinosaurs, including the iconic tyrannosaurus rex, had feathers on their hide. This is a departure from the fleshly design of the T-Rex from the previous movies.
‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ director Colin Trevorrow broke down the reasoning for the prologue’s new design in an interview with IGN.
“I think we have a really good logical explanation for why these are dinosaurs that look different than the other Jurassic dinosaurs have looked in the past,” he explained. “In this case, it’s that we’re showing them in their original habitat. There was no frog DNA used to bridge the gaps in the genomes, so it gave us an opportunity to show dinosaurs with feathers … We didn’t want it to be unrecognizable, this is a heroic character we love and care about very much, but it allowed us to give context to what those 65 million years really represent in world history.”
“It’s an origin story, in the way we might get to do in a superhero film,” Trevorrow continued. “The T. rex is a superhero for me. It really allows us to take this brilliant concept that [Jurassic Park author] Michael Crichton conceived, that is the foundation that all of this has been built on, and show it in its absolutely purest form.”
SyFy notes how Trevorrow treats the T-Rex as a “legacy character” along with the human characters that have been featured in the dinosaur franchise.
“When she roars in front of the screen and the film burns up, the idea is that she is breaking out of the movie screen and now she’s going to exist among us,” Trevorrow explained. “It is something that Emily and I found to be pretty crucial as a way to start the film.”
You can watch the ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ prologue below:

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