Dead Optimus Prime and Galvatron: Super7’s Newest Transformers Toys

Hey kids! Do you like Transformers? Do you like Optimus Prime? We’ve got the perfect toy for you! It’s Optimus Prime’s corpse action figure! So why are you all crying?
Super7’s 4th wave of Transformers: The Movie ReAction figures delivers fan favorites and a very morbid one. Yup, one of the four new toys is the lifeless, gray corpse of the beloved Autobot leader. Had this launched in the ’80s, it would have made emotional cripples out of many of us.
Super7’s Transformers action figures are 3.75″ tall and cost $18 apiece. They can be ordered right now, but due to Covid, these may not ship immediately.
Aside from the dead Prime, this wave also includes Coronation Starscream, Hot Rod, and Galvatron. Starscream does come with his crown and royal cape. Hot Rod’s accessories are blasters similar to what his original toy came with. Galvatron is a bulky figure with an arm cannon.
Prime does come with the Matrix of Leadership and his blaster, oddly enough. It would make for a cool zombie Transformers storyline.


The previous three waves of these ReAction figures included classic characters like Megatron, Soundwave, and even a 6″ tall Devastator. However, a few characters showed up that were not featured in the movie, like Skyfire and Mirage.
Hopefully, this means we’ll also see some of those who died off-screen during the Decepticon attack, like Wheeljack. If Devastator is 6″, does that indicate we may be getting a supersized Unicron ReAction figure? He’d probably only have to be 12″ tall.
What are your thoughts on the Super7 ReAction Transformers toys? Worth the $18? In a way, they’re less expensive than the newer Hasbro toys. Should Super7 start producing the vehicle versions of the Transformers since these guys cannot change?
Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Super7]

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