Terrible 3DO Game ‘Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties’ Is Being Resurrected

If you were a gamer like me in the mid-1990s, you were probably more forgiving of some of the oddities that came out in the 32bit era. For every new system like the 3DO, CD-i, or Jaguar, there would be a flood of one-off games that could only be categorized as WTF.
Not everything can be a cult classic like the CD-i Zelda games, though. Sometimes you get the weird dumpster fire like what we saw with Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties. It was the story of a guy, a gal, and a creepy sexual predator. Ya know, for kids!
Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties was a choose-your-own-adventure game that sucked. I’m not gonna candy coat it. It was a bad game. Apart from some nudity unlocked via a controller input code, there was little else to entice gamers to buy.
The game played up Jeanne Basone’s great looks as Jane. In reality, it was the only thing that would move copies off the shelves. There’s no real gameplay. This isn’t an FMV like Sewer Shark or Night Trap, where the player is always playing an active role in the story.
PDWT boils down to the player occasionally choosing a decision from a list. Some of the choices progress the story, and the others result in a prolonged voiceover where you’re berated for the wrong decision. Dragon’s Lair, this is not.
Regardless, it grew to have a following. Like many other games that found their way into infamous status, there’s potential to revive them. That’s exactly what Limited Run Games is going to do.

OK, I’ll admit that this could be interesting. If the release includes behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and other goodies, it may win my money. Right now, details are slim. Will the video be remastered in HD?
PDWT isn’t without entertainment value, as long as you’re not actually playing it. Sitting through a playthrough is even tedious. However, the AVGN made this trek through tepid titillation bearable:

If you want to hear more from Basone’s experience with the game, check out this interview:

Remember seeing this game on shelves during the 3DO’s short run? Would you be willing to throw down money to own something so niche? Let us know in the comments.

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