Check Out SV Action’s Peter B. Parker Spider-Man Figure

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is possibly the greatest movie made about the web-slinger. Sure, Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 is excellent, but the CGI film does so much justice to the multiple spider-people.
And I’ll be honest; Miles Morales is kind of uninteresting. I’ve felt that way since he was introduced. Having recently played through his stand-alone PS4 game, that only reinforced my view.
The real star of Into the Spider-Verse was the stranded Peter Parker. A hero who was slightly past his prime and dealing with the consequences of putting everyone else before his own needs were the driving force behind the movie. There’s something about Pete that connects to all of us that hasn’t been recaptured by other Spider-heroes.
That’s why I will buy this upcoming action figure over at the Big Bad Toy Store.

Not one to miss details, SV Action also included a paunchy gut for wayward Spider-Man. If there’s one thing I really want from my super-articulated action figures, it’s midlife depression and bloating.
Seriously, this thing looks like it delivers all that you’d want from a Spider-Man figure. Loads of accessories, webbing, a … coffee mug, unmasked variants of the two Peters, and gargoyle base for posing excellence.
The figure’s details:

  • Spider-Man: 6.29 inches (16cm)
  • Statue base: 7.08 inches (18cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Highly poseable
  • Includes a variety of accessories
  • Pair with the SV-Action Miles Morales figure (sold separately)

Included accessories:

  • Spider-Man Additional head part
  • 2 Peter B. Parker head parts
  • Peter Parker head part
  • 6 Pairs of hands
  • Coffee cup holding hand
  • Additional abdomen piece
  • Additional crotch piece
  • Glasses
  • Newspaper
  • 4 Web effect parts
  • Statue base
  • Action base

Spidey is due out in September of this year. This figure will, given just how sweet it looks, come at a cost. He is going to run you $179.99. Only $18 is due upfront for a non-refundable deposit. That’ll give you a few months to scrounge up the rest.
Head on over to the Big Bad Toy Store now to pre-order yours!

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