Celebrate 40 Years of E.T. With Three New Figures From NECA!

Nothing makes ya feel older than when the 40th anniversary comes around for something, and you realize you are older than that thing. That thing being Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Today we learned that NECA will release three new figures based on the adorable alien that stole America’s heart in 1982.

The three E.T. figures are based on key scenes from the movie. These will include the Ultimate E.T., Ultimate Dressup E.T., and Deluxe Ultimate E.T. with LED Chest. OK, the names aren’t catchy, but they get the point across. Each E.T. will come with different accessories, and the Deluxe version of the alien has a light-up chest and finger.

These three should be in stores this October.


E.T. is an Asogian botinaist. He was accidentally stranded on Earth when his fellow crewmates were forced to flee due to being discovered by the Government. The abandoned alien wanders the forest near San Fernando Valley until he meets a young boy named Elliot. The pair establish a mental link that affects their moods and senses and their health. Eventually, E.T. is located by the government agents, leaving Elliot and his friends/family with no other choice but to rescue the creature and get him back to his ship’s landing site.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial premiered in theatres on June 11th, 1982, in the U.S. It was up against John Carpenter’s The Thing. Guess who won that battle at the box office? It sure as hell wasn’t Mac and the crew of Outpost 31. E.T. was such a success that it raked in 79 times its budget at the box office and became a classic, spawning a ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando.
What do you think of the E.T. trio? Which one will you pick up? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: NECA] [Source: NECA] [Source: NECA]

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