‘Batman Beyond’ May See Michael Keaton Out And Christian Bale In

The role of a much older, crankier Bruce Wayne was supposed to go to the Batman of 1989, Michael Keaton. The man who once helped launch comic book movies into the real of serious cinema would have made an appearance in the ‘The Flash’ film starring Ezra Miller. However, due to the actor’s concerns about Covid-19, Keaton’s future involvement in the ongoing DC film series may be in jeopardy.
We’ve Got This Covered is reporting that rumors are circulating about another former Batman taking up the mantle again. Yes, Val Kilmer is very interested in dropping the weight, re-chiseling his jawline, and suiting up for ‘Bat Nipples In The Future.’
Only kidding. It’s, in fact, George Clooney who will be returning.
Ok, it’s not the handsome Clooney either. The scuttlebutt is that Warner Brothers may be eyeing Christian Bale. Though, when I think of the aged and bitter Wayne, Bale isn’t the first actor to come to mind. He was a good Bruce, no doubt, but I can’t see him in heavy makeup trying to train Terry McGinnis.
Keep in mind that this is all speculation. Keaton’s concerns about Covid exposure are probably valid. I haven’t been on a movie set since the lockdowns happened, but trying to keep an entire studio virus-free has to be one hell of a task. Given the greater risk with age, his departure maybe concrete.
Watching Ezra Miller square off with Keaton’s Batman would have been entertaining. Well, if they found a way to make Miller’s version of the Flash more than just a quipster.
What are your thoughts on the Flashpoint storyline ‘The Flash’ movie is supposedly going to adapt? Will it be a way to rewrite Snyder’s films and restart the DCEU? Let us know in the comments.
While we wait for WB to get things together, let’s enjoy that awesome intro to ‘Batman Beyond.’


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