Apocalypse Goes Retro With A New Toy Biz-Inspired Action Figure

Hasbro has announced another retro-styled Marvel Legends figure. This time we’re returning to the world of X-MEN with a throwback version of the evil Apocalypse. Packaged on a card with artwork reminiscent of the early days when Toy Biz ruled the Marvel license, Apocalypse comes with multiple heads, hands, and other accessories.
This version is a bit of an amalgamation of the original two Apocalypse figures from Toy Biz’s ’90s X-MEN line, but with the color scheme of the character’s appearance in the Fox Cartoon from the same time period. The ancient mutant is $38.99 and is set to conquer collectors’ toy shelves on January 1st, 2023.


Look upon the future and tremble! He is Apocalypse, the world’s most powerful mutant, and from the ashes of our world he will build a better one.

Includes: figure and eight accessories.

  • 6-INCH-SCALE COLLECTIBLE FIGURE: Fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy this 6-inch-scale Marvel’s Apocalypse figure inspired by the classic Toy Biz Marvel Legends figures
  • MARVEL COMICS-INSPIRED DESIGN: This Marvel’s Apocalypse figure features textured sculpt and deco inspired by the character’s classic appearances throughout Marvel Comics and includes an alternate head, alternate hands, blast effect, and plasma laser cannon
  • PREMIUM POSABILITY AND ARTICULATION: This 6-inch Legends Series Marvel’s Apocalypse figure features extensive articulation, offering dynamic posability with other Marvel Legends figures
  • RETRO CARD PACKAGING: Includes retro-style cardback inspired by the classic Marvel Toy Biz designs
  • MARVEL UNIVERSE IN 6-INCH SCALE: Look for other Hasbro Marvel Legends Series figures with Marvel Comics-inspired characters (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

The first Apocolypse figure was a weak entry in Toy Biz’s initial line. It was early; I get it. They were still trying to figure things out after the flopped DC toys and the weird bulky Marvel action figures. Toy Biz got there eventually, and the proceeding waves got better and better. The second version of Apocalypse was shorter but stockier and had a great face sculpt. His hoses were also now, thankfully, detachable. The first figure’s broke so easily.

Too bad that the character was somewhat squandered in his own movie.

What do you think of this purple Apocalypse?
[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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