The Upcoming Paramount+ Halo TV Series? Don’t Worry. It’s Not Canon.


Halo’s videogame lore fans can rest safe knowing that the Parmount+ series set to debut next year is not canon. Kiki Wolfkill, who oversees 343’s transmedia projects, clarified that the TV series and game storylines are independent.
Much like how Paramount now has the original and ‘Kelvin’ timelines for Star Trek, the series based on Microsoft’s long-running flagship title will be given a title differentiating it from the established property. The series that will appear on Paramount’s streaming series will take place in the ‘Halo Silver Timeline’ according to an interview found on Halopedia’s Twitter account.
This should not be too surprising. As we’ve seen with many adaptations from anime or video games to other mediums, some characters have undergone noticeable changes that set them apart from the originals. For example, with Cowboy Bebop, there were numerous weird changes to the race and sex of characters. However, with Halo, the most noticeable is the changing skin color of Captain Keyes, who will be played by Danny Sapani (Harlots).
Rather than making these changes and ignoring questions about the TV series being in the same universe as the games, 343 clarifies that right out of the gate. Hopefully, this will limit any potentially toxic fans from crapping their pants when the series premieres next year.

This announcement means that the creative time behind the TV series has much more freedom to explore and alter characters in (hopefully) meaningful ways. However, if they turn Master Chief into a cowardly clown who runs away from the battle to hide on a long-forgotten planet, I’ll pass.
If anything has been learned from The Last Jedi or Cowboy Bebop, you do not antagonize the fans. You’re upfront with them. They may be vocal, but that is because they’ve invested not only time but money into a franchise. The proven recipe for failure is dismissing their concerns and thinking topical sociopolitical messages are suitable for character development.

What do you think of the upcoming series? Let us know in the comments.
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