Anime and Manga Go DEI?! Blackstone Buys Major Japanese Manga Publisher!

They’re coming for manga and anime! American equity firm Blackstone just bought a major Japanese e-publisher of manga, while BlackRock is investing heavily in WEBTOON. Will they start pushing more DEI in Japanese entertainment? Well, if video games is any indicator…

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Blackstone’s acquisition of a major Japanese manga publisher raises concerns about potential censorship, data mining, and Americanization of content, while also highlighting the untapped potential of manga and anime as a cultural phenomenon.

00:00 Blackstone buys major Japanese manga publisher, causing concern for anime and manga fans as investors known for DEI and ESG mandates focus on the industry.

02:28 American company Blackstone buys Japanese manga publisher, raising concerns about censorship and data mining.

05:05 Blackstone Inc. is acquiring Japan’s largest e-manga platform for $1.7 billion, recognizing the untapped potential of manga and anime as a cultural phenomenon and planning to expand original content catering to a primarily female readership.

08:12 Content creators should focus on creating original content to monetize their intellectual property as Blackstone and Black Rock gain control over Japanese manga publisher.

10:36 Blackstone invests in major Japanese manga publisher with plans for a five-year strategy and potential public offering, while also backing webtune, which is not profitable.

13:04 Solo leveling DVD sales for Volume 4 are extremely low, indicating a lack of popularity compared to other shows.

13:56 Venture capitalists investing in Japanese manga and anime companies raises concerns about industry impact, while Black Rock shifts focus to diversity and inclusion.

16:18 US company buying Japanese manga publisher may lead to Americanization and changes in content, causing concern among fans.

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