Amidst Series Cancellation, Jump Announces Black Clover Anime Feature Film

Source: Official English account for Black Clover
Source: Official English account for Black Clover
The official Jump Comics YouTube Channel dropped a bombshell for fans with a video announcing a brand new ‘Black Clover’ anime feature film.
While very few details were given, the teaser features some key graphics of the series protagonist Asta, his adopted brother Yuno, and Captain Yami of the Black Bulls.

According to Crunchyroll Anime News, Shueisha will announce more details regarding the plot and how it connects to the anime. The official English Twitter account also shared a key visual that highlights Asta’s signature smirk.

The movie announcement comes on the heels of the shocking news that ‘Black Clover’ will end its run as a television series at the end of March. After 170 episodes, the show will conclude with the ‘Spade Kingdom’ story-arc, bringing the highly acclaimed anime to a close.
“Yes, Black Clover will release its final episode on the 30th of March. One thing Black Clover fans loved about the show is its consistency in delivering episodes on time, unlike other popular animes,” reports Republic World. “Creating high-quality anime takes a huge amount of time and effort so seasons are always delayed or one season is released after 2 or 3 years (like One Punch Man, Attack on Titan). Black Clover has stood out by delivering episodes on time without affecting the quality of animation. It’s a commendable achievement.”
Some media outlets have speculated that the series is coming to a close as it is catching up to the manga’s ongoing story. Similar to ‘Attack On Titan,’ it is not permanently canceled, but merely being placed in suspended animation until the manga can continue to provide further story-arcs for the anime.
Mangaka and ‘Black Clover’ creator Yūki Tabata has stated that he hopes that the fantasy series can have a run as long as other popular anime such as ‘Naruto’ or ‘One Piece.’

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