Adobe Quasi APOLOGIZES?! Adobe’s Customers DON’T CARE!

Adobe is apologizing for any confusion around their recent ToS, which allegedly lets them snoop on your files and train their AI. What they’re NOT apologizing for is making it nearly impossible to cancel Creative Cloud without being penalized. And yes, the US government is actually suing them for that…

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Adobe is facing backlash and potential loss of customers due to deceitful consumer practices, difficult subscription cancellations, and lack of trust in the company’s response to customer concerns.

00:00 Adobe apologizes for deceitful consumer practices and potential AI training with art, but customers are not buying it.

01:49 Adobe is being sued by the US government for hiding details of expensive cancellation fees for their software subscriptions, and the company is not the only one engaging in such practices.

03:08 Adobe customers don’t care about Adobe’s apology and there are issues with YouTube and Google.

03:54 Adobe faces backlash for difficult subscription cancellations and potential AI training with artwork, updates terms but still has issues with cancellation policy.

05:50 Adobe customers frustrated with Creative Cloud subscription issues and lack of support, feeling forced into new terms of service that make it seem like a subscription rather than owning the software.

08:04 Adobe customers are not happy with the company’s response to their concerns and are expressing their frustration on social media.

09:16 Adobe’s customers are considering switching to other software due to lack of trust in Adobe and the subscription model.

10:57 Adobe’s pricing model is driving customers away, and it’s time to consider alternatives.

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