A New Pricey RE: Village Lady Dimitrescu Statue Coming Soon!

Photo Credit: Prime 1 Studio

More Lady Dimitrescu collectibles? Yes, please!

Resident Evil: The Village did a lot for Capcom’s long-running franchise. It delivered a bunch of new iconic villains and inspired people to create some … interesting fan art. Most of that art features the 9′-6″ tall super hot vampire. So, it’s only fitting that most of the high-end collectibles have been highlighting said character.

Prime 1 Studio is joining the mix with a 26″ tall, $1,649 statue of Lady Dimitrescu. Seated upon a lavish chair, the blood-drinking mistress comes with interchangeable hands and heads, matching whichever version of her you like the most.

The statue is made of polystone and comes with a [SPOILERS] separate crystalized version of Alcina Dimitrescu.

The biggest letdown is the wait. Lady Dimitrescu isn’t expected to ship out until sometime between October 2024 and January 2025. Oof.

Lady Dimitrescu’s deluxe bonus 1:4 scale statue comes with the following:

  • Resident Evil-themed base
  • Three (3) Swappable head parts
  • Two (2) Swappable left-hand parts
  • One (1) Dimitrescu’s Crystal

At almost 26 inches tall, the vampire countess is seated on her throne. She’s showing off her feminine contour, in a way that is elegant, sophisticated, and seductive. Our artists have done an outstanding job of capturing her commanding presence. Her piercing gaze and sinister smirk faithfully replicate the impression she leaves in the game as she scornfully looks down on those who dare enter Castle Dimitrescu. Between her left fingers rests an ornate crimson cup for her wine… or maybe something else… She keeps a long cigarette holder in her right hand, an accessory that’s never out of reach. Adding to her striking appearance is her hat, a key component of her gothic and aristocratic style, evoking a sense of luxury, and refinement, complimenting her formal attire as well as amplifying it as a whole.

The last time we saw a thousand-dollar-plus mommy vampire statue was when PureArts announced the 3′ tall version of the game’s sexy villain. In my opinion, the PureArts collectible looks better and is substantially more affordable.

What do you think of Lady Dimitrescu’s latest sculpture? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Prime 1 Studio]
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