A Galvatron Of Classic Colors Joins The Transformers War For Cybertron Line

Several different interpretations of Galvatron have been issued by Hasbro over the years. Unfortunately, I remember the original from the ’80s been expensive; thus, I didn’t have one. My buddy Greg did, though.
One thing that struck me as odd was Galvatron’s color scheme. In the Transformers movie from 1986, the resurrected Megatron was purple and gray. The toy was red, white, gray, and a small amount of purple. He was very tube-shaped as well. That was mainly for his cannon transformation. Not exactly the coolest figure, but he did come with lights and sounds. Thunderous sounds.
Well, to celebrate the weird color choices found on the original toy, Hasbro is releasing a War For Cybertron Galvatron sporting red, gray, and purple. We spotted Unicron’s minion over at Entertainment Earth, where he is exclusive.


Behold, Galvatron – in retro colors! This G1-inspired toy converts into cannon mode in 33 steps and comes with Particle Beam cannon and 2 side cannon accessories that attach in both modes. But what you’re going to love is that it comes in the grey colors of the original 1980s toy! The Matrix of Leadership accessory can hang around the Galvatron figure’s neck. Transforms in 33 steps. Intimidates your Sweeps, possibly your Unicron.
Transformers Generations Selects Leader WFC-GS27 Galvatron includes green Matrix of Leadership on chain accessory. This figure comes with a sheet of foil labels, including a heat-sensitive sticker that reveals the Decepticon shield when you rub it with your finger. Not responsible for time hopping and changes to the space-time continuum.

We found a photo of the original Galvatron toy over at Wheeljack’s Lab for comparison.

Wheeljack’s Lab
Galvatron will ship in October of this year. Being an exclusive, he’s pretty reasonably priced. The mauler of Ultra Magnus is only $52.99. Click here to pre-order yours now.
[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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