3D Print Your Own One-Handed PS5 Dualsense Controller Adaptor

Akaki Kuumeri

Accessibility still has a long way to go when it comes to console controllers. Microsoft made a few big leaps with the Adaptive Controller, but Sony lagged behind. Luckily independent engineers are filling in the gap with devices anyone can make with a 3D printer.
Fellow engineer Akaki Kuumeri has designed a 3D printed device that attaches to the PS5’s Dualsense controller, allowing someone to use the device with one hand. We spotted this first over at Eurogamer. Kuumeri designed this adaptor during Pursa Printer’s Controller Mod Contest.

The thumbstick is controller by moving the whole controller. Rest the controller on your lap or the table, and move it around. Its motions are transmitted to the thumbstick. There is a 4-to-1 mechanical advantage going on, so you can get good precision even with rougher motions.
The rubber shoe that the device rests on is designed so you can balance the whole controller on top of it, so as not to tire your wrist. If you place it on your lap, you can feel side-to-side input as a rolling motion, and up-and-down input as a dragging motion, giving you good feedback as to where the two separate axes are.
The shoulder buttons are migrated over to the other side, where you can use your index finger to push all four. They’re placed so that pushing L2 and R2 simultaneously is possible (many games use L2 for aim + R2 to shoot, for instance).

The device looks compact enough to be loaded into even the smaller-sized ABS, PLC, or resin printers. Akaki has made the file available for download via his Pursa Printers page. Once printed and assembled, the invention can be manipulated with one hand and knee. The rig is modular, allowing the user only to attach what he/she needs. The model is also ambidextrous. The default model is for the left thumbstick, but if you need it for the right side, simply mirror the print when slicing it.
Improving accessibility via 3D printing isn’t new. You can find any number of inventions on Thingiverse or Prusa Printers that can help make everyday tasks easier for those with a particular need.
If you’re looking for nerdy 3D models, check out my Thingiverse page for some stuff you may want to print.
[Source: Eurogamer.net] [Source: Akaki Kuumeri’s YouTube Channel]

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