$100 Gets You A “Premium” Poké Ball and That’s It. No Pokémon Included

Hey! Do you like trapping creatures in tiny confined spaces and then forcing them to fight each other for your glory? Well, then you better go somewhere else because we don’t put up with those shenanigans around here.
But if you have a spare $100 and really like Pokémon, then Sideshow Collectibles has just the product for you. A new version of the Poke Ball is on the way. So if you’re looking for a Premium Poké Ball, then here you go! This replica will ship sometime between December 2021 and February 2022. Pre-orders are currently being taken over at Sideshow.


This premium quality, highly accurate Premier Ball replica is made with an engineered metal shell, has a deeply colored surface that is sensitive to touch and proximity, and features a brightly illuminated button and lift-to-display illuminated presentation case. This Premier Ball promises to be a beautiful addition to any Pokémon collection!

There’s not much difference between this “premium” Poké Ball and the replica released earlier this year. They’re the same price. They have the same case. The only change? The color scheme.
Check out Sideshow’s video below for a complete rundown of the features in motion. The $100 price tag is still eyebrow-raising, even after seeing the thing working. It lights up, and that’s it. There are no sounds. It doesn’t enslave sentient creatures to do your bidding. It doesn’t work with Pokémon Go.

OK, I can’t really be snarky about this. My office is literally filled with replicas that cost as much, if not more, than these gadgets. What gets me, though, is that these things could have so much built-in functionality. Maybe give them a vibrate function? Or some sound? Something! Team up with Sphero and have the thing be a bit more interactive.
What do you think of the Poké Balls? Are they worth the $100 with the functionality they currently have? Let us know in the comments section.
[Source: Sideshow]

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