Sentai Reveals May 2023 Anime Home Video Release Slate

Sentai Filmworks made some announcements for their Blu-ray home video release slate. Half will feature their original Japanese audio with the other half featuring a dubbed version.

They revealed the English dub releases on their website:


Shirou Emiya has only just begun to learn to use magic, yet when he finds himself caught in a battle between two powerful Magus, he somehow manages to perform a spell far above his expected abilities and summons a beautiful heroic spirit to protect him! But now he and the woman known as Saber find themselves trapped in a secret game of dark magic and duels to the death known as the Holy Grail War. A prize of unbelievable power is at stake, but can the inexperienced Shirou and Saber survive long enough to become real players? They’ll have to withstand waves of treachery and assassination as Shirou scrambles to learn everything he’ll need to know to stay alive as seven teams of Magus and Servants face off in mortal combat in the complete collection of FATE/STAY NIGHT!


Yuko thought that her life had been turned completely upside down when she learned that she and her entire family were demons, but it seems the universe has only begun to mess with her now horned head. For example, what’s a succubus supposed to do when she challenges one of the local Magical Girls to a duel, but they misinterpret it to be an invitation to hang out instead? Then there’s questions like what kind of restrictions should you put on ancestors who borrow your body? And let’s not even get into the issues of proper etiquette when the other local Magical Girl moves into one’s apartment complex or inheriting stupidly powerful magical artifacts! Basically, Yuko’s life is going to be hell as it’s just one bedeviling problem after another in the second season of THE DEMON GIRL NEXT DOOR!


Humanity was about to make its next great leap in the conquest of space when the attack came. As it quickly became clear that the alien Wulgaru’s technology for warfare far surpassed that of Earth’s, desperation set in. But there was one hope – the genetically modified humans who had been intended for the next wave of exploration. Now, coupled with new and untested advanced weapon systems, the Evolved Children have instead become Mankind’s last line of defense. Their task seems as impossible as it is simple, to follow orders, to kill the enemy, and to fight to their last breath. Izuru, Asagi, Kei, Tamaki, and Suruga of Team Rabbits were meant to be explorers. Instead, they’ve become cannon fodder in the deadliest of battlegrounds, the empty void between the stars in MAJESTIC PRINCE and MAJESTIC PRINCE: GENETIC AWAKENING!

Sentai also revealed titles that would only have the original Japanese audio with English subtitles:


Remember those cartoon character-based undergarments that kids used to wear? How many of those brightly colored sets were sold in the hope that they might actually grant someone superpowers? And what if they actually could? Three young Japanese Oni are about to answer that question when they’re transferred into a normal middle school as part of a plan to ease relations between humans and demons! How? Because when extra-large problems arise, they can don special tiger-striped underpants… Oni-Pants… that let them transform and use special Oni abilities to make brief work of the issue! Of course, with great underwear comes great responsibilities (and the danger of accidental Mooning while in senshi mode), but if someone has to wear the big girl undies, then the future’s foundation will hopefully be fundamentally secure with ONIPAN!


Okay, perhaps making up a fake boyfriend to impress her new classmates was a dumb idea, but how was Erika to know that the guy in the photo she’d used was another student in her school? And who could have guessed that such a good-looking guy would turn out to be such a dog? Only it’s Erika who’s in the doghouse now, because that’s the price Kyoya Sata demands of her in exchange for keeping silent. That’s right, she’s literally his bitch, forced to run, fetch, and even bark at his command! And that’s not even the most mind-boggling part of the whole situation… because, for inexplicable reasons, she’s starting to like him! O.M.G.! Is this Puppy Love or Stockholm Syndrome? Find out when romance goes waaayyy off the leash in WOLF GIRL & BLACK PRINCE!

These releases are currently available for pre-order and will be released between May 2, 2023, and May 23, 2023.

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