Xbox Games Showcase 2023 Reveals Big New Xbox Games

For those who love playing games on their Xbox consoles or through Xbox Game Pass, there was plenty of interesting reveals at the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase. Despite E3 being canceled this year, that didn’t mean Xbox gamers wouldn’t be getting a look at the future of Xbox gaming. Whether you’re booting things up on your Xbox Series X or playing Xbox on your PC, the rest of 2023 and 2024 is going to be filled with new games for you to get excited about. A variety of world premieres and looks at highly anticipated games allowed for a solid presentation from Xbox.

The showcase began with a big bang, showing the first look at Playground Games’ upcoming Fable game. It’s been a long time since the announcement of Fable, with little to no details known up till now. Much like the early releases of the series, this Fable continues the goofy humor that many fans love. A little bit of combat and interactions between characters showcased the game’s fantasy setting, with a few getting hit by fire magic. While there was no release date or window given for the game, the trailer did promise that Fable would be available for everyone on Xbox Game Pass on day 1.

The presentation also gave some spotlight to the new Cyberpunk 2077 extra content and Obsidian’s next game, Avowed. Cyberpunk 2077 had actor Keanu Reeves introduce a look at the game’s new DLC, which is featuring Idris Alba in the story expansion. Avowed was revealed to have a 2024 release window, with it being available on Xbox Game Pass and consoles.

A big reveal for the showcase was the reveal trailer for Star Wars: Outlaws from Massive Entertainment. The game is set in between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, with a story focused on two new characters Kay and Nix. The two of them are part of the underworld, trying to survive in a galaxy in disarray with the Rebellion and Galactic Empire at war. The game is planned for a 2024 release window and is the first open-world Star Wars game that will allow players to explore multiple locations within a galaxy far, far away.

Persona 3 Reload was also officially revealed in the showcase. Despite the game being leaked out by ATLUS through their social media pages, Persona 3 Reload finally got a chance to get the spotlight officially and show players how Persona 3 is getting revitalized. The visuals and gameplay of Persona 3 Reload are similar to that of ATLUS’ most recent game of the series, Persona 5, with a remixed soundtrack that will cater to old fans and definitely bring in some new ones. In addition, Persona 5 Tactica also got a chance to be officially revealed to the public, which is a tactics-style RPG taking place within the setting of Persona 5. Persona 5 Tactica is slated for a November 14th release, while Persona 3 Reload is planned for an early 2024 release. Both will be available for Xbox Game Pass on day 1.

While multiple games smaller games were shown and others were revealed to be getting new content, one big showing was for the sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will be coming out for Xbox Series X and PC in 2024. The trailer showed a bit of gameplay that had Senua facing a dark force in a cavern, before being pulled underwater. If you’ve played the original Hellblade, you’ll be familiar with how the visuals and audio cues of the game play a big part in Senua’s story.

Capcom revealed a brand new game called Kunitsu Gami: Path of the Goddess. It’s an action game with horror elements that is reminiscent of games like Onimusha and Okami but with some kaleidoscope imagery. There’s definitely a big influence from mythology for some of the creatures and characters that are shown in the trailer, with action that seems fast-paced and suspenseful. No release date was given in the trailer, but the game is coming to Xbox Series consoles and Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox Game Showcase then closed off with the reveal of a new game called Clockwork Revolution. For some, the visuals of the game reminded them of titles like Bioshock Infinite with its steam-powered technology being a big part of the environment. The trailer had an ominous narration that talked about time while many hostile robots and firefights were shown. No release date was given in the trailer, other than saying it was coming in due time, followed by confirmation that Clockwork Revolution would be available on day 1 on Xbox Game Pass.

Following the showcase was a presentation of Starfield from Bethesda, which happened to get a quick trailer earlier in the show. But the showcase for the game was much more detailed than what the trailer had shown, allowing players to get a deep look at nearly every important aspect of Starfield. Everything from combat, dialogue with characters, types of weapons, crafting items, space travel, and more were featured. Bethesda emphasized just how much freedom players have with approaching situations and how vast the game would be, especially with the story that will play out. The game can be played in either first-person or third-person, with so many aspects being customizable and deep in many aspects. There’s a lot to the game that players will eventually have to discover themselves when they finally get a chance to play it on September 6th.

What do you think of all the announcements and reveals from the Xbox Games Showcase? Are you excited about all the new games you’ll be able to play on Xbox consoles and PC? Share all of your thoughts down below in the comment section!

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