Weta Workshops LotR Ring Wraith and Hobbits Statue is $2,400!

Four hobbits were walking along the road when something foul races towards them. Clad all in black, faceless, and terrifying. A Ring Wraith can sense the One Ring. It looms over the tiny hiding hobbits and the temptation to use the golden band’s power is almost too much for one of them.
The statue is sold out on Weta’s official site, but the Big Bad Toy Store is still taking pre-orders. This massive and detailed work of art is scheduled to drop its limited run of 500 pieces in Q2 2022. A premium product will, of course, Gondor-sized sum. Break out those credit cards, as this thing will cost $2,400.
Weta Workshop sculptor Brigitte Wuest hand the following to say about working on this massive piece, “It’s such an iconic scene, so it was exciting to be asked to create this. I tried to capture the eerie silence when the Hobbits held their breath as the Ringwraith crept closer; his senses on high alert. You can even see the evil look of the Wraith Steed as it seeks to sense their presence too.
I really enjoyed sculpting the Steed in its solitary standing position, which had the potential to be quite boring, but with such drama in its face it comes to life and ends up playing an important part in the scene. The key was getting the right balance of tree and roots versus Wraith, Steed, and Hobbits. I believe each element is equally important but they also need to have their own prominence.


Dropping to its knees, steel-gauntleted hands groping, the faceless wraith looms over them. Around the Hobbits’ hairy feet, the ground writhes with worms and other small creatures seeking to escape its terrifying presence. As the figure closes in upon them and its shadow threatens to swallow all hope of escape, Frodo falls into a trance, the Ring around his neck calling to him, his finger edging ever closer to the promised safety of the magical golden band…

  • 27.55 x 18.11 x 14.96 inches (70cm x 46cm x 38cm)
  • 1/6 Scale
  • Made of polystone
  • Sculpted by Brigitte Wuest and Gary Hunt
  • Created using both digital and physical techniques

Ready to throw down a few grand for one of the many memorable scenes from The Fellowship of the Ring? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Weta]

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