We Now Know What Snake Eyes Looks Like Off Duty

Even a ninja master who has very little to say needs a day off every now and then. I mean, when you’ve got to deal with Cobra Commander’s weird schemes every week, some unwinding time is required.
Mighty Jaxx has captured what Snake Eyes, G.I. Joe’s silent warrior, would look like when taking a break from all the heroics. The figure is made from vinyl and stands at 6.5″ tall. He can be pre-ordered now for $69. The estimated shipping date for Snake Eyes is March 2022.

Mighty Jaxx
Mighty Jaxx
Mighty Jaxx

Snake-Eyes is a master of ninjutsu and a master swordsman, hand to hand combatant, and marksman. Effortlessly using both traditional and modern weaponry during combat, he executes amazing athletic feats and moves with great agility during combat.
What does the most skilled fighter of the GI Joe do when the battle is done? OFF_WERK GI Joe Snake Eyes answers the question of what this mysterious combatant does in his downtime. Whether he is enjoying a cup of joe or tending to his bonsai, Snake Eyes gets comfortable in his robe. Even off work, he doesn’t remove his helmet.

What I want to know is why is Scarlett calling Snake Eyes? He doesn’t talk. He also rarely takes off his helmet, as seen here. How exactly would that phone call go? If it were Facetime, maybe that could work. I’m so pulled out of the immersion now.
Next, could we please get Island Holiday Cobra Commander? The hooded version, of course. You know, the one Hasbro won’t let anyone make now. Just the leader of Cobra in some Tommy Bahama shorts, relaxing in a hammock while he daydreams of the eventual day when he will crush those blasted Joes!
It’s a lot to ask, I know. So what are your thoughts on this Snake Eyes vinyl figure? Let us know in the comments section.
[Source: Mighty Jaxx]

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