Twitter is Mad That ‘Massage Freaks’ Exists and is Coming to Nintendo Switch.

Massage Freaks is coming (no pun intended) to Nintendo Switch, and Twitter seems to be very salty that Nintendo would allow such a NSFW game on the platform.

Massage Freaks is a rhythm game about… massage. Yes, the gameplay involves rubbing a variety of anime girls the right way in time to the music. Each girl has her own favorite moves, and apparently, storyline. But we know nobody plays a game like this for the storyline.

Given that the game is being released on the Nintendo Switch, which has until somewhat recently been viewed as the “family-friendly” console, some Twitter users have been taken aback by the game’s premise and lewd content.

Sankaku Complex has grabbed some of these tweets and compiled them in a post here.

Here are a few examples of the translated complaints in comments to Famitsu and Kotaku…

“You’re the absolute worst to be making entertainment out of sex crimes.”

“There’s no point in telling Famitsu, but can you all stop making entertainment out of sex crimes? Sex crimes do really happen at massage parlors in real-life, and it’s also rude to those who work seriously, and above all, it is dangerous to depict such a distorted view in which a woman is pleased to be molested that way.”

“Stop spreading the seeds of sex crimes, because these kinds of garbage otaku actually exist.”

“I was looking at Nintendo’s ethics and wondered when are they going to update it? Can you assert that these creations don’t have a negative effect on humans? In fact, there are cases of arrests due to obscene acts at massage parlors.”

“I once visited a massage parlor and trusted this old man because he was a professional, but he made sexually harassing statement (He said I must be an M for withstanding the pain and that we’re compatible because he was a hard S), so I can’t laugh about this. It’s gross. Stop making sexually violent games.”

“No, no, no, this can’t be happening. Give me a break. Hey, Nintendo, weren’t you just in trouble about a partnership system, and now you’re saying it’s okay to have this level of understanding towards a gender?”

And it goes on and on.

Because of the controversy, developer Qureate said they were open to making changes to the game.

This did not go over well with the vast majority of gamers on Twitter, most of whom want the game to be delivered intact.

Nintendo has been allowing more adult third-party content on the Nintendo Switch eShop, which is in stark contrast to its “family-family” image from years ago. Weirdly, it is Nintendo’s rivals Sony and Microsoft that have been accused of unnecessarily censoring game content as of late.

Nintendo’s official stance on third-party releases is that the games are rated and parents have the right to determine if a game is suitable or not.

“For titles released for our hardware, we want consumers to use the objective information provided in the age ratings of third-party organizations to understand the title’s content and target age. As we operate a platform, we believe that arbitrarily approving or not approving software for sale will hinder game software diversity and fairness.

Also, parental controls are built into our platforms, and parents can set a PIN to prevent the display of content inappropriate for children.”

The hands-off approach with third-party developers has likely done wonders for the sales of the Nintendo Switch, which has sold well over 100 million units to date.

Massage Freaks is still scheduled to release in the Nintendo eShop on August 4, 2022. You can check out the pics below to get a feeling for what sort of game this is.

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