Those Blasted Turtles Need Some Krang Snuggle Buddies!

June is also Pride Month in Dimension X. Pride of the angry little Utrom known as Krang, that is! He may have failed repeatedly to rid Earth of those blasted Turtles, but you won’t hear him say a negative word during a good snuggle.
Toy Snobs has announced that they are now taking orders for what they call a Krang Buddy. Yes, this is a licensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle piece of merchandise. So if you’ve ever wanted a pillow crafted after the likeness of the 1987 version of Krang, this is for you. He’s about 18″ in diameter and ready to squeeze!
Toy Snob’s website is, as typical, very light on details. We know Krang will be $34.99 and what the brainy little buddy will be made of. That’s it.

Toy Snobs
Toy Snobs
Here are all the details we’ve got about the pink pillow:

  • Approx 18″
  • Soft-touch print
  • Polly filled

Too bad he doesn’t have a voice chip inside. Randomly in the middle of the night, Krang would insult you. Maybe a timer so the alien overlord would berate you awake? What could be added to these little Buddies to make them even better?
If you think it’s weird for a franchise like TMNT to have pillow-like buddies, it was widespread in the 1980s. Back then, we had “Buddies” themed after things like professional wrestlers and even the New Kids On The Block.

These were aimed at two different demographics for sure. The twin sisters who lived next to me back then had all the boy band ones, but I never met anyone who had the WWE buddies. However, over the years, it has become common to come across the Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior ones at flea markets.
What do you think of the Krang Buddy? Let us know in the comments section below.
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