This Bishoujo Felicia Statue from Darkstalkers Makes Me Feel Funny…

… in my pants. Darkstalkers’ Felicia is just one of those characters who is always eye-appealing in any medium she appears in. I don’t know if it’s the massive mane of blue hair, the cat ears, or strategically placed fur, but I love it.
OK, we know that Felicia’s main appeal is titillation. There’s nothing wrong with that. Kotobukiya knows this and is why many of their Bishoujo statues sport lots of curves and ample cleavage. Felicia’s newest statue is no different.
This latest version of the catwoman from Capcom’s horror-themed fighting game stands 10.24″ high and is made ABS and PVC. No silicon here (heh). She is priced at $140 and is currently available for pre-order through Sideshow. However, don’t expect this feline to come prowling around your place until the fourth quarter of 2022.


Her squishy toe beans and fluffy fur show off the catwoman’s cute side, while her toned muscles and the sharp claws extending from her hands and feet give you a glimpse into her ferocious side. This detailed statue perfectly captures the character’s duality.

Felicia, from the outside, may appear as just a sex symbol used to draw in players, but the lore of the character is far more in-depth than people give it credit. If you’ve not played the Darkstalker titles or seen the anime, take some time to check out the video below for a bit of her back story.

Considering that Felicia continually shows up in Capcom’s multiple non-Darkstalkers fighting games, it is fair to say that her appeal isn’t only surface level. You can bet there are probably many articles stating how “problematic” she is from people who never looked beyond her physical appearance.
What are your thoughts on the catwoman? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.
[Source: Sideshow]

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